Special Event

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Special Event • 3 Days Only! June 20th - 22nd • Tuesday - Thursday  

• FREE hearing screening and consultation
• FREE demonstration of the newest in hearing aid technology
• FREE clean and checkup if you currently wear hearing aids 
• $500 OFF towards a pair of premium technology hearing aids


511 Renaissance Drive, St. Joseph, MI 49085 

Call (269) 932-4405 today to schedule your appointment today! Space is limited! 

Experience a world of better hearing by taking advantage of the latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology.

No matter what your hearing loss is, we have a hearing aid for you.  Come see us at Dr. Kasewurm's Professional Hearing Services for a free hearing consultation to find out which technology level fits your lifestyle and hearing loss.

Make better hearing a priority.

Dr. Kasewurm's Professional Hearing Services we will be offering FREE HEARING CONSULTATIONS and FREE DEMONSTRATIONS of our newest hearing technology.

A Hearing Consultation is very important, especially if…

  • People seem to mumble, especially in noise or groups.
  • You have difficulty hearing the TV.
  • You need others to repeat what they are saying.
  • You remain quiet in conversations for fear of responding improperly.
  • You haven’t been tested in the last year.

If you answered “yes” to any of these scenarios, call today (269) 932-4405 to schedule your FREE Hearing Consultation!