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Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing Loop Systems

A Loop System can make hearing aids twice as valuable!  Look for the blue logo on the left to identify areas that are equipped with a Loop System.

Hearing Loop Systems use an induction wire that is placed around a room and connected to a sound source (Television, microphone, etc).  Hearing aid users can then switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ (T-Coil/Telephone/Telecoil) setting by a simple press of a button to experience dramatically enchanced sound quality. If your hearing aid does not have a ‘T’ program, you can still use a loop, but you will also need a ‘loop listener’. Some loop listeners are small boxes with headphones – others are worn as an earpiece.

Locations that already have Loop Systems installed include:

Area churches:       

  • First Church of God – St. Joseph                                                                                           
  • Christian Reformed Church—St. Joseph,                                   
  • St. John’s Catholic—Benton Harbor
  • Fairplain Presbyterian—Benton Harbor,                                   
  • First Congregational— Coloma  
  • St Paul’s Lutheran— Stevensville            
  • United Methodist Church - Stevensville                        
  • Trinity Lutheran— St Joseph
  • St Bernard’s Catholic—Benton Harbor                          
  • 1st United Methodist—South Haven
  • Chapel Hill United Methodist— Sodus                           
  • Episcopal Church of the Mediator—Harbert
  • Overflow Church—Benton Harbor
  • First Congregational Church – St. Joseph 
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church – Watervliet
  • Michiana Church of Christ - Dowagiac

Area businesses:
  • Van’s Pharmacy                                                                   
  • Horizon Bank—St. Joseph Ship Street                            
  • Twin City Players—St. Joseph
  • Starks & Menchinger Funeral Home— Berrien Springs
  • Shadowland Ballroom
  • Area Agency on Aging— St. Joseph

Many More to come!!!

Take a look at this picture to get an idea of how the Loop Systems that we’ve installed at the above locations work:
Loop Hearing Systems | Dr. Kasewurm's Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, MI
Loop Systems can also be installed in your home to amplify your television’s sound as shown in this diagram:
Loop Hearing Systems | Dr. Kasewurm's Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, MI  

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